Love rant.

You are attractive, like a drug to me. I can walk away… just not today. its the start of something. not sure what but its the start of something between me and you and i would like to watch it grow, see where it takes us. i don’t know where and i don’t know how. but i can feel it in me and i can see it in you.

Things have already started, and on a path now. this path on a slope. maybe uphill, maybe downhill, depending on how you look at it. I want for more, and I want it from you. The day moves on without us both, me at the desk and you in the garden. straightening tables, fixing the room, I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to be with people, other than you. love is on a slope, always going uphill, or downhill. never standing still.

It’s not where we started but maybe where we end. In a warm sunny day sitting on a gardens edge. I was eating strawberries, when you noticed me. with a genital wave, you fluttered on over, you strung together with bits of cloth, and hair ties. tired eyes, but happy to be there, those eyes on me. I offer you a strawberry, I say its from coles. the fruit is sweet, and has been in my bag. but now on break, the sun in the sky. we talk and chatter about things we love. I think that’s what I like most about you, your love, for things I love. 

Your hair all tied up, fair and wanting to escape your hair tie. not thick like mine. This moment may be awkward, but I am already cherishing it. the sun in my eyes, the sun on you.

Later that same week i’d pass you on my run, me sweating in the sun. Ten kilometers, fun to run. Our eyes meet, but I can not stop, my blood pumping as fast as my breath. You are at a table in your yard, as pretty today, as the day we met. But this moment now like the one before, I don’t want to disturb in, not even for more.

Let’s get fat together

I am at my desk when you come in, and flutter down onto my bed. Your dress spreads out like a squashed balloon. I get the impression that I was meant to be somewhere today. But as I do, I get caught up in my work.

You look over the large fruit bowl on the coffee table in the middle of the room. Selecting carefully an apple from the pile. I can hear crunching as you enjoy a few bites, covering your mouth with a finger as you chew.

“So are we going to do this?” You say.

I look up, swing my chair around. Before taking a final look at my work. I pick up a piece of fruit in answer to your question.

Personal space

I’ve been here twice, I perceive you as nice. You wont go away, so come here and stay.

Your love not a waste, small cut to shape. Jet black and white. Project your voice as I hold you tight. Mixed up in your personal space.

Submit to me at the end, I swear I’ll be nice.

A purpose for me is written in you.


I turn the hot and cold taps to find balance. Closing my eyes, letting water fall over my face. Most of the time I see myself as frantic, a mess.

My hair washed and combed, then tied up. Order. Shirt, aftershave and teeth done. I am already very far from the person I woke up as.

Looking at the translucent glass, sun glaring in. Refreshed.