Should I be worried?

I care about you, you tell me how your friends catch you smiling at work when your thinking about me,

coming from you, that means a lot to me,

we have been seeing each other for months,

But plans are in motion for me to leave,

I stay the night and kiss you good bye, not forever just a holiday with my friends,

when I get home you are not interested in meeting up, I visit you, spend time, but you are not really there,

You talk sometimes about an old friend who lived with you, Him hiking through Canadian wilderness,

How he might be coming home,

I smile, but know something is not right between him, you and I,

You take weeks to call back, make plans and never show,

It is all happening so fast, and ever so slow,

It’s heartbreak for me, don’t tell me, I already know.

Messy sea urchins, cross roads and scars

3 weeks to clean my room,

It says a lot about my heart,

Like a sea urchin poked to hard, taking a while for me to bloom again,

And here I am again, the haze has begun to fade,

I am sensitive, too loud, a bit too thin,

But I know me, and who I am,

Our roads are not parallel any more, yours goes to the ocean, mine has gone back home.

It took three weeks to get over you, a little tear in my heart,

It will grow back bigger, a little more full,

Time to welcome myself back into my love, my own heart


Kik, whats app, facebook, blender, oasis, text, okc,

So many contacts all on different apps,

I find it annoying that they don’t all work together as one contact file,

But whatever,

At least if I want to be alone from this I can just put my phone in the draw,

And walk outside to enjoy the sunlight.


What to say about Sundays?

Waking up rather late, heading to the park to collect my thoughts,

Friends joining, to eat, watch and play

Telling tales of their Saturday night,

Getting cleaned up, making plans.

A smile and a wave, back to the doona cave, to rest the day away.

Thoughts not said.

Dear K,

You intimidate me. It is okay that you are a strong independent woman, I need more heroine like you in my life. But it’s a strong feeling I get when I read your profile, that says “no”. no explanation why you’d reject me, just a “no”.

I did not messaged you straight away,  I thought I would take some time to think about the things you wrote, pictures you posted and just think about you for a moment, and assess how you make me feel.

You are sexy, and when I look at you I only want to have my way with you. But intellectually we may not be compatible, you are smart, but comes across as cold. It may not be that you are cold, maybe you are just content with yourself and your life.

I would like to here more about your learning experiences, and what things in science take hold of your interest? I have a love for weird, resourceful and sustainable.

chat soon,


Student life cycle

Final touches added, looking slick,

Assignment done, model made,

Presentation went smoothly, Many payed attention the whole way through,

I feel relieved, to now sit on the grass in the park,

get some sun with friends,

before I do it all again.