Sink into me

I would like to write in a way that captures who I am, and goes deep within me, but for the moment I am treading water on the surface, I look down every now and then. But I am still floating in the safety of my swim. I need to let go and feel the water rise around me, over my shoulders and making my hair wet. I need to sink down, into a place I have not been before and feel the current on my skin as it moves me back and forth. I need to let go I need to embrace that fear, not knowing how deep it is. Sinking, vulnerable to all that may or may not be around me. And to let go of that air. only for a moment, letting go. And that in that moment I will be free from myself. before I spring back up to the surface kicking, and gasping for air. splashing about. I was free for a moment, now I will lean back and let the sun dry my face, and listen to the sounds around me. I was free, I was free for a moment.

Tightening and melting (full story)

Hayley: A massage would be amazing!

ME: I would like to give it to you, a massage

And I bet your hands are magical

Id hope so, relax you, take away the stress. starting with your shoulders and neck and head

I’d love it

Anything to take away the tension from work:

yeah i can feel a lot to tension, so i will work on you for a while

Perfect ūüĎĆ

I feel better already..

where else needs attention?

My back needs it. And my legs:

My body is exhausted

okay, I get you to remove your top and pants and lay down on the table, as I kneed my hands and elbows across your skin working in circles from your shoulders to your ankles

Wow.. Feels magical

I feel at ease

It’s giving me tingles all over my body

I rub your thighs, all up and down your legs relaxing all the muscles

and up to your shoulders and neck again.

I like your hair and your back.


its a good few from behind you, so pretty.

and I am sure you are enjoying my hands too

Yes I am.. I am so relaxed. Loving every moment.

Although I have that butterfly feeling you always give me..

tell me more

Every time you touch me or look at me I get butterflies.

You make me feel nervous but amazing at the same time

I’m addicted to the way you make me feel.

I wouldn’t have it any other way

I work hard on your muscles, up and down your body.

and then spank your butt


You get my attention

I help you to kneel with your but presented to me. and I spank again as you feel it rocking forward and back for more

Feels so good. I’m getting nervous again

My heart begins to race a little:

I kiss your back and say I will take a shower now. undoing my clothes and walking to the bathroom. I leave the door slightly open

I lay there for a minute

Wondering if I should join you

I see you slightly through the door way

I want you

I’m hoping you give me a sign

I want you to wash me

I want you to feel my body

I want that more than anything

Washing your body.. Feeling every inch of it

I smile

Here comes that nervous feeling again

I want you

I like the way your hands feel on my skin

Your skin is so soft.. Looks so sexy when it’s all wet

water dripping over my body

You look so good baby

I’m aching for you

I smile, looking into your eyes

I run my hand through your hair

and kiss your cheek

I close my eyes.. Feeling your hand glide through my hair

You are so pretty here in the shower with me

water dripping over your bra and undies

Can’t believe how hot you look in the shower

Mouth watering

Show me love

I wanna kiss your lips

I let you

I wanna pin you against the tiles

you push me back

My bra and panties are saturated

I cup your tit and kiss you

I am so horny for you right now

I can feel your eagerness, I am here for you to make your move

I need to get my bra and panties off

I help you

I feel better being naked and wet with you right in front of me

I love the shape of your tits as you look up at me and smile

I wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you more

I whisper..

“I want you”

In your ear

You can feel me wanting you now

I kiss you again

I feel your hands running down my back

I pull you closer


I look down and see your dick

I have to touch it

it is there for you

I grab it

I look at you

I know you want it

I stroke it

I feel your hands on my dick, it gets thicker

I feel it getting harder

I want you more

Kiss me

I kiss you hard and long licking your tongue

It’s getting heated

I kiss you back..

I can taste you

I want to get on my knees for you

My dick is eager for you

I go down on you

I look up at you before I begin to suck your dick

I love when you do that

Mmm it’s still hot day

And I like how you love to make me happy. Your mouth on my Dick.


I can feel you tasting me.

I can feel you tasting me.

I love tasting you

It’s my favourite thing to do

I’ve been yearning for you all day.

The way your eyes close

The shower continues

I’m still sucking you off

I can’t seem to stop

I take it deeper and deeper

I am somehow harder for you then before

I hear your breathing getting a little deeper

I love looking up at you

I can feel you and you can feel me.

I’m thinking about you returning the favour¬†

My cock throbs when you look up at me

It’s making me crazy

I love knowing you love it

I see water dripping down your sexy body

I’m throbbing for you

The cool water on our heated bodies


So turned on

I have made you wait for it. Teasing you

I’m wanting you to pleasure me so bad

I’m aching for it

But I wait

I have no choice

You on your knees I feel empowered.

Never have I wanted you so bad

Dominating you as you beg for more.

I’m throbbing for you



You have been sucking so much you take a moment to gasp for air. I pick you up and put you down on The bathroom table. On your back I hold my fingers to your lips and run it down your stomach. To your pussy. Feeling The sides before putting in a finger.

Here come those butterflies again.. My heart rate rises

I get tingles when you touch my body

I feel in and around

I’m so wet for you

I lick you my tongue rubbing your clit and going into you

I’m starting to shake a little

It feels so amazing

My back is arched

I go deep and pull out licking up The mess

The pleasure is almost unbearable

I keeping going

Feeling you move

I have nothing to hold on to

I run my fingers through your hair

I’m trying to contain myself but it just feels so good I can’t take much more

I go hard licking it all

I can’t control myself

I just want to scream your name

I keep going even though you shake.

I’m wondering what’s going to happen next.. Will he fuck me?..

It keeps running through my mind

My Dick is hard I take you to The shower.floor and look over your body. You want it and only from me

You’re the only one who can tease me

You’re the only one I want inside me

Your legs spread as I move on in. It’s that first insert that makes you curl forward.

The moment I’ve been waiting for

I go in slow but deep. And move out for a harder Pound.

I can’t even find words to describe the feeling of finally getting what I’ve be aching for

You.. My favourite part of your body inside me. Pleasuring me. Giving me what you know I’ve been wanting the whole time

I go hard and fast your body moving at The force. Water dropping over us.

A pound hard your hold onto my back. The sounds you make are just too good!

I’m holding on so tight

I love what I’m feeling

You’re perfect

No one gives me this level of pleasure

Only you..

I never want this to end

I keep going fast.

I’m still holding you

So tight

I can feel you tightening and melting over my Dick

I want to cum for you

I keep up The pace.


I’m feeling you thrusting in and out of me

It’s heavenly

I feel your strength

It’s amazing

Makes me fall for you more

I kiss you

You kissing me feels like I’m on cloud 9

We need to cum

You have to cum

I want to cum

I need you to cum

Make us cum

I start to slow as I feel it build in me.

Kiss me

I kiss you

I kiss you

You taste so good during sex

I want to cum

I feel release, as it flows building to The end of my cock

I’m almost there

You’re just that good

You know how to make me cum

And I cum. Cock throbbing as it flows out of me

I feel you explode in me

Love that feeling

I breath and lay on you

I hold you

You look so hot

I can feel you breathing

I breath

I kiss your forehead

Thanking you for making me feel so amazing


Me: We need to cum

You have to cum

Hayley: I want to cum

I need you to cum

Make us cum

I start to slow as I feel it build in me.

Kiss me

I kiss you

I kiss you

You taste so good during sex

I want to cum

I feel release, as it flows building to The end of my cock

I’m almost there

You’re just that good

You know how to make me cum

And I cum. Cock throbbing as it flows out of me

I feel you explode in me

Love that feeling

I breath and lay on you

I hold you

You look so hot

I can feel you breathing

I breath

I kiss your forehead

Thanking you for making me feel so amazing

sex in a tent

Written with the help of Hayley

ME: nice walks, things to see on this camping trip

keep me warm in the tent at night

HAYLEY: I plan to  As long as you return the favour

its you and me, show me how

Perfect spooning session

Unless you turn to face me. Who knows what might happen

spooning with your butt to me, makes me want more of you

I’ll need to turn and face you.. Curiosity kills me

you wanting me more, I can feel it

You give me butterflies

Can’t fight the urge to face you

you kiss my lips

my hand under your shirt

I close my eyes

Enjoying the moment

I move closer to you

I can feel your breath  I take of your shirt, over your head

I wrap my arms around you pulling you closer t me

your tits swell as out bodys push close

I can feel your hands on my body

My heart is racing

I squeeze your tits, and hear you gasp

what kind of bra?


I like what you wear but i want it off you

me above you, you can feel my weight

your skirt pulled up I can feel your thighs to your hips:

My panties must come off


describe in detail them and i’ll let them come off

The temperature is rising

They are black. Lace, slightly see through


I can see your skin, and feel the silky lace

I take them down, a throw them out the way

you let your knees spread and drop far apart

Instant reaction

I try and be patient waiting to see what you do next

I am hard for you, have me all day. so much of me, you have made it all wait

I feel the urge to rip your clothes off

I’m aching for you

I take them of slowly. as I kneel above you

all of my body, exposed to you

I try to contain myself

I have to touch you

I let you, where do your hands go?

I touch your chest and slowly move them down your body to your waistline

Then look into your eyes

I look back at you and smile, I say dont stop what you desire

I pull you closer

Kiss your lips again before looking down past your waist and seeing what I truly desire

I need to touch it

Taste it

And above all, pleasure you

I want to see you eyes, when you do this things to me.

you enjoying me, and me enjoying you

I’d love to look into your eyes while I pleasure you

See your reactions

Watch you enjoy it

you are in control, and my heated breath proves it

I begin giving you a blow job while you watch me suck and enjoy tasting the one part of your body I’ve been craving all day

I can feel all of it, and I want it from you

I take it deeper and deeper

I hear your breath getting heavier

a talent of yours that you share with me, something private, something sweat, make my heart beat

I feel you getting harder and harder

This excites me

I squeese your tit, and feel your stomach and below. I know its time now, its ready to go. I a slide myself out of your mouth, I know you want more. then I lay you down, us both on the floor

I kiss you once, long and hard with a bite at the end, as I slide on into you, you’ve waited so long

I can’t believe it’s finally happened

You’re inside me

I moan with excitement and pleasure

but it doesnt stop there

I never want it to end

you will come first, but i’ll push a little further, grabbing your hair

but for now lets spend a long time getting us both there

At the same time

I’m eager to ride you

To take control

Hey babe, i’m happy to play, whatever game. take control

I put you on your back


I climb on top of you

i want you on top!!!

I look into those eyes.. Get a little lost

Then you reach up and put my hair behind my ear..

I can’t help but smile and lean down and kiss your soft lips..

Feeling your hands move down my back to my ass..

I can see how badly you want me to sit on your nice hard throbbing cock

I tease you a little

I grind on it

I kiss you more

I put my tits in your face

You grab them and taste them.. Getting a little rough now because I continue to tease you.. I feel you throbbing

I am dripping wet at this point

I lose control suddenly and I get in position

I slowly slide your cock inside me

I look at you

You’re relieved

You grab my hips as I move up and down

Getting deeper and deeper

I begin to go harder

I start to moan.. I can hear you enjoying it


Your hands make their way up to my tits

I’m still fucking you harder and getting faster

You squeeze my tits

You want to suck them

You pull me closer

I continue to fuck you

I lean down more so you can have your way with my tits

I feel you lick and suck them

Squeeze them as I continue to fuck you

I’m loving this

You’re so hard for me

I can’t stop pounding you

It feels so good.. I’m struggling to stop myself from coming

I slow down a little to calm myself

I kiss you

I’m sweating

Then I can’t help myself

I start fucking you hard again

You groan

I go harder

I want to make you lose control

I want you to groan so loud you can hear it for miles

I want to be that girl you remember years from now who blew your mind on a camping trip

I can tell you are close to coming so I slow down and kiss you slowly..

I can see you are loving it

You hold me so tight

Your strength turns me on

Let’s finish together baby

Let’s cum together

We change positions

You do me sideways

We look at each other

You are so eager to finish.

You start fucking me so hard I moan to the point of screaming

After a few short minutes..

Sure enough

We cum

Together.. Such a relief

I face you.. You pull me towards you.

Kiss my forehead

I lay my head on your chest

I lay there and get flash backs of the experience I had with you for the first time

I smile

I’d love to lay there with you after some amazing sex and listen to your thoughts x

Hippie love dance poem

You tell me animal energy is beautiful, and hold my hand to the horses head.

You ask me to find you in another place, you give me the wrong address,

You tease and love, but I know you want me there because you care,

You read my star signs, and tell me I’m alright,

It seems like you have lived, with more life, but we are both 24,

I’ll follow you, if you follow more.

Just looking

Looking at you in that dress, that body, my insides a mess,

Looking at you makes me feel as though i have never been loved, as truly as the love you own,

Looking at you across the lane, sitting down, you notice me stare,

Looking at your eyes and the ends of your dress, as you make the hem rise,

Looking at your hips, looking at your thighs, an opportunity awaits,

Looking up at me as a come up close, you hold out your hand, and I pull you up,

Looking for a place to rest you up high, plant your full butt, and open those thighs,

Looking down at me as I lick and suck, your hand in my hair, gasping for air,

Looking at me loving you, Looking at your body loving me.