Lost on the open sea

How can you explain odd accounts of people lost in empty seas or deserts? Pirates, aliens, fungus fumes, time shift. We measure days from surise tp sunset, but what if a day could last a week and night even longer. That endless hunger could be confused with not understaning that you have been awake for days. Those blackouts are you needing to sleep. Even though the sun has not set. Following a map we have made assumptions with map making and in doing so we have miss calculated land as.

The ship hits rough seas and you are thrown into a dingy, knocked unconscious and wake to the sun beating down on your skin. Covering your face with our hands, wriggling like a worm unable to get up feeling the weight of a head ache, dehydration. The motion of the small waves making you want to hurl. You lean over the side of the dingy and vomit into the sea. Watchiung as it speads and drivfts away from the dingy. The sun is so bright up cant think with it beating down on you. You find canvas sail crumbled up off to the side of you can you shade your self with it and fall back into a deep sleep. When you wake it is night. Cold, and there is a million stairs lighting up the sky, you can feel your puples exapand to welcome in the light of long dead stars.

There is nothing around  reflections on the water. I try to think of where I was and make the connection, I was aboard a ship it was taking me home, after some travels in another city, I paid my way to get on beard a ship, a bit of extra cash on a cargo ship is always welcomed by a sea captain. Set up a hammock and open a pile of food and drink and just rock myself to sleep for a month. This was my plan on the way home after a jorney though the hills of a unexplored land, this is what holidays are for. 1887 – two years from now I would be turning 30. And I had only explored a small fraction of the world, and yet the travels are what my mind holds onto. There is something about travelling.

I am brought back to the cool night, where I sit leaning on the edge of the dingy over the water looking off into the endless stars and sea. As I am gentaly rocked my the waves. I wrap the cavas around me to keep warm. And lay down looking up at the stars, wanting to sleep. I drift.

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