Welfare in Australia

Welfare, why must the poor pay rent?

Firstly asking those in difficult situations to pay for rising rent cost instead of food is obserd. Public housing needs to be addressed, those insta suburbs would be of better use if a third went to the poor. Taking people away for homelessness and into long term stability, with no threat of cutting their income.  This idea is simple enough and achievable. This is not looking down at the poor whom will be living on a minimum wage for possibly the rest of their lives as lazy but an inevitable cost that a healthy society needs to pay.

FriendlyJordies a youtube political comedian outlines that the government has been giving large handouts to the wealthy as a white collar crime in Australia taking those funds away from the poor claiming that they are lazy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddaSYKhXBdM

How does this link to the bigger picture? Neolibralism is an idea that creating free markets and deregulating and downsizing governmental powers will benefit society, there is a theory called economics that is heald as fact but is unable to predict its obvious flaws that this path will only decimate the natural Australian landscape but revert us back to a feudal system. And those whom are on top spend every effort to demonise those in dire situations while hiding the fact that their belief in ecominics and its fabled exponential growth is unsustainable and does not benefit society only the wealthiest few. .  It is not our place to call people whom have not had a stable healthy upbringing lazy. We are fed a lie, and we must see the lie in order to move beyond to achieve the basics that a society needs to function and prosper.

What can be done to correct it? Political reform. House the homeless and those on wealfare petition and lobbying those in poverty do not have the funds or understanding to lobby for such things but it us the middle class whom have degrees  who can make the difference. Having a strong long term vision of welfare that transcends political offices is the solution.

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