It is kind of embarrassing

It’s kind of embarrassing but at 26 I have a fear of talking to people on the phone. I feel unprepared, I write down what I have to say and then just read out what I have written on a piece of paper. If its not on the paper I am not going to say it! Improvising was too nerve-racking. I first noticed my fear when I had to ring up friends on the phone to see if they we free to play, what if someone else answered what would I say? I have not taken the time to address this issue and it still plagues me today.

As the proactive perfectionist  individual I am today I would like to take this fear head-on! but how:

Shall I pick up a part time job as telemarketer?

Shall I pick up a part time job as a receptionist?


2 thoughts on “It is kind of embarrassing

  1. I have the same issue and I am 45. I absolutely HATE talking on the phone. Especially if I have to call someone, even if I know them. I am plagued with such anxiety.

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