Ten post a day, my reasoning


I have to rethink why I write a lot,

maybe it is because I hit a wall after a few days of writing,

there are a few methods I like: “write 10 pages a day/ good or bad, write ten pages, then put down the tools and enjoy the rest of your day” this is paraphrasing something I read in Stephen Kings ‘On writing’ a few years back,

I think it is a good way to keep it happening, just start writing, forget about editing and fixing things up, just write, I have seen artist across many forms do the same thing, painters draw, several quick sketches before they settle down with a work that they like, warming up I guess?

And for me that is ten post a day,  I don’t think they are any good yet, but that is not the point the point is for me to quickly produce short thoughts at a moments notice, warm up my writing and by the tenth, or ninth have something worth reading that I can be happy to have written.

xx lotta love,

Lilly Plum.

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