Cash money, dollar, dollar bills Yo!

I was asked to write down a list of things I want, though all I can think of is updating my old equipment. My runners have broken and my hiking shoes are almost falling apart, I use them to walk everywhere with, but they are not very comfortable on concrete as runners with a softer base would be. A new bike because with all the repairs I have done to fix up the bike it is a little rickety, I might be able to fix it again but adventually it will need to be replaced. A new laptop, this one works fine, though when I do a lot of computer processing it is very noticeable that this computer is not fast enough to handle the quality of work I would like to play around with. I will need to buy a laptop case to go with it if I am getting something that expensive, can’t have it breaking on me. And lastly Adobe suite substcription, I have been using adobe a lot lately and I do like the range of editing programs that are offered. However I have cancelled my subscription for the next 6 months as I will have access to computers that have all the programs so there is not point keeping them on this computer which already struggles with the basics.

There you have, this is my list of things I am thinking of buying/saving up for. What are you saving up for?

Things I would like to buy:

  1. runners $200
  2. hiking shoes from Germany $300
  3. new bike $700
  4. new laptop $2000
  5. adobe suit subscription $300

Maybe you can help me get there with a patreon donation?

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