Afloat in the rockpool

I swim about, the water is not my home, but with all the time I spend here floating I wish it was,

The sun is hot, and the rocks are baked, heated under the all day sun, the water is cool on my skin and all feels right,

I look below, I have been here before, exploring as much as I can in a single breath,

my thoughts move away from the water the rocks and the sun, to the rain and my love,

I left my love last week, to head to the coast, it was raining, it always rains up in the mountains, where we sit by the fire, each engrossed in our own books, feet draped over each other as we nesstle entangled on the couch.

I have all my heart left up on the mountain, and as I gentally bob up and down in the cool ocean I think of my love,

I watch the sun shimmer in the sky, and the blue sky, and blue water mix together as though I could swim and reath the sun, hold it tight and feel its warmth thoughout me.


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