electric blanket

On a cold winter night, you came over to spend some time with me. I have been thinking about you all day. the way your body moves, the way your butt looks as you walk in front of me.

I turn on the electric blanket, to heat up the cold room, I pull back the covers, take of my shoes and jump in full clothed. The bed springs bounce beneath us. I pull the covers tight, and we enjoy some netflix.

I like to keep my hands busy when I am watching tv, so I warm up some coconut oil between my fingers, lift up your shirt and apply smooth hand strokes to your back and neck.

I warm you up and I begin to get heated with the hot electric blanket. I need to take of my shirt, my pants. I help you out of your top and pants. and sit infront of you hugging you. Your belly against mine, skin on skin.

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