Don’t fall for the annoying clown in the pink tutu… I think thats what I’m ranting about?

I kind of get why popular music start fell for doushbag popular music star. Even when I told her to run, run I kept screaming at the tv, but she would just not listen to me. Even when I wrote her a letter and did not send, even when I tweeted to my friend. She did it anyway.

And I understand because we just can’t help being a little flawed every now and then.

Popular doushgbag music stars are charming. They stink, but it is kind of a good stink, a stick that I wouldn’t mind smelling twice. You go on a first date, and they tell you that they will be happy to split the bill, and I say – fine. but really I am happy underneath. 

Girl you are smart as hell. you have a brain in your head. it is big and it does math. But you belive you can make this boy into a man, and that is where you are wrong! wrong!

wait what as this go to do with a tutu?

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