Should I continue study or start working?

This is a question I ask myself each year, I am getting older and the notion of owning my own house gets pushed back another year. While studying I can bearly make much to save. But education can lead to good well paying jobs? maybe.

For me study has been: self achievement, interesting, and a career pathway.

Over the last few years I have learnt a lot. though that little thought in the back of my mind is saying, it is time to go back to full time work, earn some money and catch up to speed where you left of financially.

I want to continue studying and it could be a few more years. Will I manage to balance, work, study and socialife? maybe, I have done it for a few years.

3 thoughts on “Should I continue study or start working?

  1. Hi Lily, I’ve been out of school for over 20 years and I am always considering going back. At this point it’s a challenge to balance it out financially, but the desire is there. If you are unfettered by certain responsibilities at this time in your life, stay in school, learn, soak up all you desire to learn and experience… One this is certain, you’ll never look back as say you wished you’d done it. So, go do it, now!

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