Clear room, clear mind!

My partner’s mother is a hoarder, neatly collecting piles on piles of books stacked so high that the house was unlivable. I see the problem, the books need to go.

So we decided to go to the house and clear out the books. I was fine with the process, load the books into the car, take them to the nearest op-shop for donation.

Although my partner on the other hand was having an emotional time, as she had enabled her mother to get that bad that she no longer could live at her house and had to go live at her sons place. So basically there is a house, that is not a house right now, it is an organised-clutter. And it is effecting my partner’s mother and my partner.

Today we got rid of three car loads. When we got back to the house we felt a sense of accomplishment. The daunting fog of books had cleared a little, just a little.

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