The creative streak and love in my heart

Active sketching more, passive doodling less

I have take up the challenge to doodle less and actively practice sketching more, so far it has been an invigorating and challenging experience. I want to land a job as a visual games designer. So to be able to draw at a level that will land me a job would take some time and practice. I have been making big leaps in that direction though also, how I feed, my mood, my sense of the world. I am a very visual person so to see all that lush flowering ideas, and the river flow of ideas on paper appeals to me.

Here are some notes on how not practicing impacts success creative drawing.
– Not having a clear goal and time frame will make it un-gauge-able ( if that is a word)
– Not taking the time to learn drawing skills will keep you at the same level

Every little bit counts. I have not made my life more difficult than it needs to be, I like that I can see a clear change in my drawing abilities. I feel more confident, and my peace of mind is more positive. It is late winter here in Melbourne so why not enjoy a little bit more time inside while it rains against the window.

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