No sleep ’til…


Update, I have been on holidays for the past few weeks, it has been fun. Fun to finally catch up on all the places, people and items that I wanted to. It has also given me plenty of time to learn new things, read books and draw. I am happy about that.

However one side-effect of not having a strict scheduled is that my sleeping patterns are a bit wack. I fall asleep at 2am, now 4am and last night I doesed a little but did not sleep at all. And even though I am really sleepy, wanting to rest my head on a pillow… so warm an soft and lovely, ah…. I wont! Because the theory is I can reset my sleep pattern if I stay awake… just like with jet lag. SO TODAY I AM AWAKE! well hopefully.

I have had one cup of coffee, I sip as I write down my thoughts and plan out my day.

To be continued….

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