Job hunting

Job hunting is stressful, even when I know that I am qualified it is still daunting. I spend all day going over the emails I am sending, looking over my portfolio and checking if I am doing anything wrong. This self evaluation is essential, but at the same time I am filled with a sense of self doubt.

So I thought of a list of ways to make it a more enjoyable experience:

  1. Have a goal of how many jobs you want to apply for. (for me it was six today)
  2. Find a job that you really want and apply for it last in the day, that way if you think of anything you need to tweak in your emails you have done it by the time you send of that email.
  3. After a full day of job searching connect with something you love. In my case its nature walking, it is what gives me piece and de-stresses me.
  4. Celebrate the fact that you have done a  day of job searching, with a happy chat with a friend. Job searching takes time, I’ve done it a few times, moving interstate, different career paths, etc. You will find work, and it would make it a little bit easier if you were not so hard on yourself.
  5. ?

Doing some job hunting recently? Or self promotion?

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