The can sits there on the floor.

standing tall, ready for action.

it sits there and gathers dust, unmoved where it has been left,

I was so fond of my orange spray can when I found it at the back of a automotive store,

ready to go on adventures with me, ready to colour brightly all the little models I have spend weeks preparing to get their final coat of orange spray paint.

But now the holidays are here, I head out with friends, I do all the other busy social things that I can,

Not a thought on my projects, all the things I made sitting on a shelf, with the orange spray can on the floor, looking up at me every time I walk past.

I remember you orange spray can, I appreciate the fun and excitement we had, I smile in your direction, pick you up, dust you of, and place you on the shelf amongst all of my little project pieces.

You can stay up here, proud as can be, until I need you, I will let you know that you are somewhere on my mind.

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