Seven thoughts on my mind as I sing my Solitary blues (lyrics)



In solitude with too many things to do,

Sex running through my blood,

I stay up late looking for answers,

Messy room, materials and unfinished pieces,

Doesn’t take long for me to lose my mind.

Independent thought is  – ugly, rough around the edges, unprofessional.

Copy cat, that is where it is at



In solitude, ten days, with too many little things to do,

Sex is running through my blood, pretty little loveI had, now I want,

I stay up late looking for answers, please enlighten me while I close my eyes

Messy room, clothes on the floor, I don’t want to throw anything out,

I am frozen here, wanting to move,  i think im losing a piece of myself,

Trying to think a clear thought, but it just isn’t feeling that way,

Everything has been done, what am I doing anyway



I the thick of a solitude session, just me with a little more me

My blood is a little warmer thinking of you,

Late is the hour, looking for something more, drousy mind, any answer will do,

I have not cleaned in so long, so many, could be projects

I feel my world a little over simplified

I try to create my own thing, but all I am doing is making a mess

Copy copy paste.



In the walls which I sit, there are open doors but I do not move

Warm thighs and tight clothing, I last the longest

I stay up very late, searching, for idk what

Messy room, now clean, fabrics drapped over things, chic

Doesn’t take long to lose my mind, doesn’t take long to find it either,

I try to make something of myself, but unsure what will work

Keep it simple, inspiration is everywhere



In solitude I find my own things to do,

Sex is all around, and it makes me smile how attractive the world is,

I stay up late as a am still enjoying the day,

Neat room, books in a line, I feel comfort here, and I am glad I cleaned it

My mind I keep, personal best and a smile above the rest

I think, see watch and do, after all that is all you can do

I think and write funny little list, for a few close friends to witness

I copy you, and you copy me hand in hand

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