The origami sale


This story is a bit about my love for origami but more about how I wanted to be a writer. And with such a vast amount of books and places where once can write, were would be a place where I could stand out.

As a broke student hitting my mid 20s and watching people younger than me of to a successful careers and buying houses, getting married, I felt like I was dragging behind. But enough about that.

I was making an origami swan, following the methods this origami  book showed me step by step, I messed up about 5 pages before I made something that resembled a swan. And with that I sat in nicely on my shelf sat back in my chair to observe it.  What a great piece of art, all the sharp angles so beautiful and so fragile.

Running low on funds my friends while at a day on the beach told me about how they sell things online. Nothing I owned really had any value. But I could make it sound good? Maybe even tell a little story about it.

So I sat my desk and podered what to sell? Looking at that swan on my shelf.

1 Origami swan $5

Made from paper, this was ,my fith attempt to create a swan.

And I left it at that went away and came, had beers at a pub with friends and came back a little intoxicated. Normally when I have had a few and still not ready to sleep I would write short stories, my drunk short stories and post them on a short story site. Science fiction was my favourite genre.

But as I got to my computer the page that was open was my online sale of 1 origmai swan.

I read what was there: Made from paper, this was ,my fith attempt to create a swan.

And thought that is a shit story, the drunken poet can do better than that! And so I got to work,

“This swan has been my best friend for years, we have been though some hard times. You would not believe something so fradgile could be so important. One year ago when I was hiking through the dense forest of Tasmania I was stuck in  a storm, it rained and rained and rained, and as I trudged through the mud I managed to find a cave. I sat in there to try and stay warm and dry. Looking at a wall of water infront of me. I had to wait it out. My granddad had  shown me origami as a kid, and when I looked through my pack I found some paper. I pulled a piece out and started folding. I made a few animals and I sat there surrounded by my little crations. In this cave for two weeks. And then a bear came out of the cave at me! “

I looked at the page that sounded a bit more interesting , maybe at the end I should write “ and how I survived is written on the inside fold of this paper swan. A secret, that I will share with one”.

I sat back and admired my writing in my drunken admiration. I pressed send. And then made my way to bed.

I woke up, my head hurt, I maybe had too much to drink and I looked at the computer. And there were notifications dinging at me. Ergh! That noise. I get up to turn it off and go back to sleep.

I see bids for the swan, $6, $15, $25 – how did you survive?

I was amazed that bringing a phisiccal elememnt to my stories, breaking the forth wall, I don’t know what to call this writing has generated a little interest. And it sold for $25 aud. I was happy as, I did not think I would even get five dollars. I read through the story and realised… I needed to write an ending to my rainy adventure, so I carefully unfolded the swan and with a black pen I finished the tale. Then refolded the swan and placed it in a box and took it down to the post office.
This was a fluke? Did I just get lucky. Idk, I went back to my origami and writing seperatly again. I enjoyed writing stories and making little creatures. And they sat on my desk.

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