Beach chickens in outerspace

beach chickens.JPG

I awoke with the sun beating down on my face, I must have fell asleep in the sun. That groggy heated feeling, I sit up with my head spinning and make my way to some shade. Everything is blue and purple.

I rest under the shade and recover. I open my eyes again and look up at a huge leaf that is shading me. Very perculiar, I can see all the vains of the leaf, as it it expands hugely over me, I follow the veins with my gase to the edge of the plant. And marvel at it. I am seated in the dirt. Surrounded by large rocks. And a tall corn field… no these are singular stemed and thick, grass? But they are way way to big to be grass.

I get to my feet to get a better Idea where I am. Yes it is very tall grass, why is everything so big. I try and think back to what I was doing before I fell asleep. I went for a drive, stoped at a nice picnic spot had some lunch and took a rest. And now, oh shit.

I remembered something that I was told about this planet. “Dehydration will deplet your mass!” I read on the scanner as I was driving in here coming into orbit. I wasn’t paying attention. And now I have shrunk, heaps! I must be tiny to be smaller than grass. I need to hydrate to get back to my original size.

I jog over to the blade of grass and pull down it down and take a big bite into the grass. Ew, it crunches in my mouth and taste really bitter. I swallow it down, nothing happens. I must need a lot to grow again.

I take another bite, another and eat as much of this blade of grass as I can. I can feel myself growing in size, I grow to more than double the size of the blade of grass. Yes it is working, I am so happy. My head knocks against the overhanging leaf.

I push the leaf aside and look around, there are more small people walking around, I guess they didn’t pay attention to the warning notice either when they arrived at this planet. There are a few beach chickens walking around just courious with all the small people. The beach chickens are harmless, with their dodo brains.

I stretch and breath in the day, this is off to an interesting start to my 2 week vacation in outerspace.

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