immunity sci fi

For you to understand my point of view I will have to start with the revolution of 2045. It didn’t happen as we were led to believe, with humanoid robots and bug eyed aliens. But with more grounded and ambitious ideas of discovering greater new technology. This desire laid the foundation to create more efficient automation, artificial intelegance.

We build machines that made machines, intelligent and self-replicating. With time they reduced in size, became more specialised to our ever growing variety of needs.

The human species in its unparalled dominance on Earth showed grace in the eradication of pests, viral, bacterial, insects alike. We created a world more suitable to certain inhabitance, presering the enirnment in a time and space for whom we wished to share the world with. It was us, the human race, that wanted to show our superiority in another way, immunity.

We had concered so much except for time itself. Modern medicine was unable at this tame the inernal assaults from pathogens. We had no appreciation for this flaw, We couldn’t adapt to each indervidual . Immortality became more than just a dream it was the prize. We could feel the passages of time ravaging our very way of life, we had achived so much now our skills bottlenecking at this problem. People did not want to die and the longer we took to find a cure the more were turning to dust in the sands of time. Resources poured in to find a cure to this deathly desease – ageing.

It an attempt to extend or cure human from the periles of life, we turned to engineering. We explored nanomachines to fight pathogens alongside our weak immunesystems. We became strict with caloric intake and waste removal. We harvested serotonin, rationed domanine and reset the biological clock every night with a perfect nights sleep. Nanomachines were designed with the evolutionary principle  to learn, adapt and survive. Humans, feeling ageless and in good health grew our beautiful plethora of a species with only accients and the perils of war to take ageless lives way. Humans developed a mind connection, and this network of knowledge helped eliminate and forse threats.







This only begs one question should one commit suicide? We have this forever infront of us and many lifetimes behind us. But does the water grow sweeter with the passage of time, or dry and bitter with its over use? This became more than just finding a cure but a philosophical answer that we were attempting to obtain.


The passages of time grow and extend far faster than was once humanily possible, and we find ourselves in unfamiliar territiory.  With body modifications and trends we began to separate as a species, some growing taller, others with implants under the skin, and over time there was more no more just black and  white  anymore. Our body modifications have began to take on a new shape.

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