Listening to poetry readings in the late summer afternoon

I would rather be single with good reasoning. I think I don’t have to put up with that kind of rubbish. I will be happier just doing the things I want to and taking part in things that I think are kinda cool. I think there is something sweet about being free and single and just plotting my own path.

I ride my bike through the streets in through the afternoon, after work. I find a little place I heard about and head on in. I look around , the sunlight streeking in though the windows, there is a bar to the right of me and against the back wall is a stage. I came here tonight to listen to poetry. And as I stand at the bar I breath in the day.

I ask for a beer, and sit there and drink. I find a table and sit down with my notebook and a pen and start drawing.

And then you walk in. I feel kind of awkward now, I know we had not agreed upon meeting and I thought I was going to be alone. Sometimes I know this city is big, but moments like this make the city feel small. I hate confrontation. There is so much I would rather not approach with people.

I look down at my drawings, I have draw the bottles and candle and flowers that are at my table. And the way the light hits them all, that orange glow that stretches on through the windows, and turns the brown dacore an orange colour, those oranges and browns makes it feel as though time has stood still for so long and I was now in a timeless setting.

I breath, breathing helps me, helps most things in my head. I take a deep breath in and hold. I let myself feel the air in my lungs and I breath out. I do that again, breath, hold, feel think, release. I watch the stage. At 7pm there will be a show tonight. I get another beer from the bar and sit back down into my chair.

You notice me and I notice you, I smile and wave. And just go back to my drawings. You are standing arms resting on a big barrel that  is been used as a high table. A beer in your hand. A light summery dress on, your hair hangs down. And your slender frame. Genettics from your eastern blood.

You move on over and sit down at my table planting your beer on the table, and you lift out legs up and rest them in my lap. Pick up your beer and drink from the bottle. You smile and look at me.

“ I didn’t think I would see you here” you say

I look down at my bottle, my drawings, and then face you. “ I just came here to relax, I make little solo outings on my own, I don’t know it makes me feel a good bit more independant when I do things on my own” I say.

You smile, nod your head. And thats when the act for this evening comes on, the lights go down. And a round of applause starts. I didn’t even notice the room filling up, we are shadowed by standing people. Put the light from the stange still reflects through a line through the croud and onto you.

You tilt your head and look at the stage over your shoulder. I look you over as the main act begins to talk and warm up the crowd. Why are you so comfortable around me?

I came here expecting piece in solitude but found something more, content in your presents.

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