what was that noise?

And so I am trapped here in so much noise. I think for the first time I am beginning to see a few things a little clear. It has only taken me 25 years.  This quiet street. There is not much happening, then all of a sudden I hear a bang, it is really loud, what could that be where did it come from?

I am a little worried but really curious, it was really loud. We don’t have guns here in Australia so I don’t think I have ever heard a gun up close before. But that noise was right there, I can still here it ringing in my ears. I unlock the front door, hurry down the stairs with my robe on. Bare feet on the grass and I am looking around. There are other people from the street also out, and I guess they also heard that noise. I catch a few peoples eyes and can see the confusemnet in their face. They are wondering what it was. The street is really quiet except for a few ruffles of footsteps on pavement and a few words spoken.

We all heard it. And there was something strange and compelling about it that we had to find out. I walk onto the road and look on down the street. A it is late afternoon and the long streaks of the orange grapefruit sky is drawn out over the houses. And all I can think of is, what was that noise. I walk down the street, there are people out at all of the houses, for such a quiet street I never see this many people out at the one time.

Usually this street is so quiet that I could sit on the grass in the front yard for most of the day and maybe a few cars and about 6 people would pass. And that is a whole day, there are more than 6 people that live on this street I would say in the high 60s and that is this street this whole suburb is teaming and bursting with… nothing really everyone stays inside. But not tonight.

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