Love is a numbers game

Act 4 scene 4:

I wake like any other day, and my ideas about the day ahead may not be like any other day

Sammy  is a sleep at my feet, sleeping on my feet and she makes a sound as I move, my toes grind against her rib cage and soft skin.

Jack is facing away from me and all I see is hair. I sit up a little and then move down next to Sammy to lye next to her and give her a hug. My arms around her soft skin and blonde hair falls about her face.

Sammy sturs – Ergh… morning, hugs?

Ashley – Yeah, because I need it.

We sit there huddled under the hot summer day that is rising through the window, dim and shuttered by curtains, a fan overhead turns and I can feel the cool air on my back.

This is how we have woken up since we were 14. Now in our 26th year i think sleeping alone would  feel more empty than most. I have shared this three way love for so long it just feels natural.

Like two angles sitting on my shoulders telling me what to do. Both with a devil heart deep down sometimes, though having a triangle means that I could be at the pointy end with both turing on me. It is a lot harder to battle against two people. And that is why I ask is three the perfect number for love? Maybe its one?  Two, four, five?

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