Living at home, strain on your sex life?

When you move back home but you still want to date, the sometimes dreaded conversation comes up and you need to Tell a date that you live at home.

So I have a date coming up and one topic I know will come up is do you live at home, well yeah duh? This is what happens when you live at home. But maybe I should ask “ do you have a problem with that?”  I think being up front is the best approach and maybe before shoving my grand plan down their throat.

I want save a bit of money, have the chance to make it in the creativie industry instead of working at a pub all the time. There is nothing wrong with working at a pub it is fun.

Jenny – So you live at home?

Me – Yes I do J Do you have a problem with that? Feel free to say so.

Well a number of things happened, My granddad died so I wanted to be around for my dad, and also I wanted to work less at the pub and work on low paying design jobs. I am lucky I have this option available.

Jenny – oh okay. That is great to hear that you have such a positive way at looking at it.

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