A clean room is a good room

Act 4 scene 1:

I wake again like any other day, but my head feels clear. I see the mess around me and I want to clean it up I want make this room nice and clean, I put things awak I make a pile for things that I will throw away, strip the bed of my dirty sheets. Cleaning a room is simple but it does something for the mind. There is something about a physical task, taking charge that gives you confidence. To see change in something so easy and reddily. I have hurdles in my life right now but I feel asthough this can help me.

Ashley – ah all done.

I said looking over the room, and a pile of unwanted stuff in the corner. This will all go to the charity shops.

Sammy walks in – oh cool, spring clean what a great start to the day that looks good.

Ashley – I feel like I have been avoiding looking for a job, but this has given me the confidence to submit a resume. And to practice my works as an artist. I know we have our little project but somehow I want to work harder and longer.

Sammy – I don’t quiet understand, what is going through your mind?

Asley – the fogg has cleared and now I want to do more with my life, there is so much eciting things out there and I want to jump on as many things as I can. I want to write, I want to paint, I want to design, I want to make, I want to work, I want to cycle, I want decorate. I want to really use my creativity.

Sammy – Ah I see, I feel the same way though you have a much active goals. I like what we have done with the pot plants and for the moment that is giving me a sense of purpose. That is enough for me. I would be happy doing that for some time longer.

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