The awkward family gathering

Act 3 scene 4:

So were are here once again, this akward family gathering, I understand why it is important, but there are little things that I am just so shit at. Taking critisim is one of them. I just get all rhiled up when someone starts poking holes in my lifestyle, why haven’t you done this or that, what is that,  and how do you sum up an entire year? Or longer, this is when I find it hard as I have not done a lot, but I am not the happy go lucky indervidual to chat about nothing confidently.

But all that is going to change. So I sit at a table down the end writing names on name tags, but they are all wrong, and I begin handing them out to my cousins. Jess, Robert, Jack, Sammy. I am wearing one that says Bill.

And today I started my story mostly about what I am currently doing,

Then I changed it to chicken farming, then carrot farming, then moss farming, I seem to know a lot about farming today. Just making things up, because I wont see these people for another year and by then no one will remember what I did and will ask me the same questions again. And I see now that it is not about my job or what I do it is about bonding, and carrying on the tradition of exstended family. This is where the real meaning is, so I will have my fun and make it also meaningful. Have my cake and eat it to so to speak!

Sammy came along as she has been to a fair few of these and was not doing anything this Sunday and was up for some free grub and hangouts with my cousins.

Sammy- I am so hungover

Ashley – did you go out last night? No thats right you sat on the front step and got pissed from 10am until after dark.

Sammy – sounds like you are judging me.

Ashley – no just pointing out the obvious. I said with a smile.

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