Mumma Sharron and the circle of life

Act 3 scene 1:

My head feels messy, I loved that little guy. I like all creatures, our parents would not understand, so we went for a walk after dinner as a way to think things over, how we could be so caught up with dick and pussy and yet see a life end, a small creature go back to the earth in which it had once came. As we will do oneday. Mortality was on our minds.

We made it to the end of the street and walked to the river, this was where the boys would hang out, skip rocks and swim. We joined them, I would burn if I sit in the sun all the time but the boys with native heratiage had skin able to withstand the sun much better.

There was an older lady face painting all of the boys, the earthy reds, and bright yellow and white covered the boys faces and skin. The lines telling a story I just did not know enough about these things, but Mumma Sharron was always telling stories about the dreamtime, the animals, slow loving.

We felt that only Mumma Sharron would be able to help us deal with the death of the creature we had only just met. She could see our worried faces, and offered us hugs before asking us what wasw wrong and telling us about the blue tongue and its place in the world.

We sat and listened for sometime, sitting there in the shade by the river as boys would spash around in the waters enjoying the cool rivers, exciting their  sences.

This is a moment of my youth that

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