Jack, am I lesbian? story

Act 2 scene 3:

I feel as though I am lost in many ways, the love I have for the people around me grows, but I am a prisioner in my own thoughts, we do so much together, but yet more and more I crave time alone. Not just time alone, but time to think and express sadness uniteruppted.

Sammy – why do you always sit alone, when you know where we are hanging out

Ashley – I just need me time, a way to collect my thoughts it is like I can’t be free unless I can at times be completly alone.

Sammy – I think I understand, but don’t really. Both happens but I don’t really crave one over the other.

Jack – I have to be around people! Yes, well maybe, I don’t know, I have never really thought about it.

Ashley – well I have thought about it lots, I think about lots of things, and some of them don’t make sence as like some riddle that I don’t have an answer to.

Just then a blue tongue lizard pops its head out of the long grass looking to get some sun. Out from the shade, in the distance I can here the screech of Australian native birds. There lovely and somewhat haunting noises that they make. Danalions sprout from the ground and Jack picks one out of the ground and munches on the flower and puts the plant in her basket that is filling up with many dandelions that she has picked this morning.

Sammy – would you say I am a lesbian?

We both looked at Sammy, None of us have had sex yet.

Sammy – A few girls were asking if Jack is my girlfriend, as being a lesbian is really popular at uni right now so they are all talking about it and how lucky I am to have a girlfriend.

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