Cost of hesitation (story scene)

Act 3 scene 1:

I waited too long and now it feels like I am behind, I wanted to see a little more of the world and now I feel as though I should have done more with my life and my time. But hey fuck it. There is the three of us sitting in a living room exhausted from hard days work, working separate jobs each of which we have no passion in to pay for rent and food at a run down house. Is this really what it is like, we are in  our mid 20s and we are living on the poverty line.

Jack – this is shit.

Ashely yeah true, but I guess this is how it is for everyone starting out, we are just 5 years behind.

Sammy – I should have done a trade, I like art and painting, but that hasn’t helped me become a painter? I feel like I have missed out on something, a key step in becoming an adult.

Jack – I used to feel a lot worse, but now that I can’t afford dinner, I don’t eat myself stupid, so I guess that is a plus side.

Asley – haha, that is funny, but seriously, we work best together, maybe we should do something we love, and then worry about being broke, as there is no soul and no point to this working cycle.

Sammy – you have a point, I think we could be better of if we do a trade, the fresh air, Chicks doing a mans job.

Sammy grabs a hammer of the bench and starts hitting the kitchen table, bang, bang, bang! Coffee jumps out of our mugs,

Sammy – ah, hear that, the sound od success! Only 40 more years of just this!

Ashley – you have such a grim view on the world!

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