Blue tongue gone to heaven.

Act 2 Scene 4:

We sit in the back yard contemplating and discussing our Homosexuallity. Maybe we are, maybe our bonding has some sexuall undertones. But it is just the way we have been, hugging, and showing affection. Doesn’t everyone who is close to there best friends and loved ones do this?

Sammy – I feel as though gay and staright was a line that is more defined in our minds, seeing naked bodies grind against one another in a porno I watched got rid of the idea of boy, girl in my mind. Without the clothes they were just bodies.

I sit there listening but moreso stairing at the blue tongue lizard enjoying the sun, it walks out under the fence and goes onto the road where it just stops feeling the heat of the road and the sun, warming the small creature. It closes its eyes and just enjoys the sun and the day. I would love to have such simple joy that this creatue feels.

And as I watch a car comes along, not seeing something so small on the road and runs right over the creatue, flattening its shoulders, the creatues arms and legs flale, as it trys to comprehend what has just happened, its chest crushed, its head bent up, sufferen. I gasp and the other two come to see what I am looking at.

We stare at the dying creature. Watching it squirm in pain. I have never seen anything like this before. We jump the fence, and argue about what to do, while looking down at the creature. Just then it dies.

In the distance I can here Mum calling me “ dinner, meatloaf”

We pick up the small frail body and place it on the side of the road. Then head inside, Meatloaf? I don’t think I could eat meat ever again.

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