Two scenes of friendship

Tile of this story: Ambient skyline

I think back and forward my mind tracing the past and circling around ideas of my future. I am here, but could I bet there, will I be there, and was I there? The is so much could and would when you think about it. But right now I am here, and you are here.

We sat there stairing up at the stars on the front of my car bonnet. Sammy, Ashley and Jack. Sammy with her long blonde hair and Jack with her red dress on, and yeah me with a skirt I borrowed from the girls. I see the universe above me and it feels like my eyes are only just opening for the first time. I love my friends and they love me. Well at least that is how I feel in this moment in this zone, in this place and in this world. The ambient heart of mine, beating slow and loudly.

I forget where I am, I can feel the fabric against my thigh and my ankles poking out from under my skirt to feel the soft cool breeze. The universe is so big, and hiden behind lights, I say to myself that I am tall, but really I am small. I am small, and I am okay with that.

I take a deep breath and nudge my friends, and giggle, we laugh at the silly notion that tonight is and ever will be our place, and the only thing is the here and now,a dn there will be no tomorrow.

Title:  the best of friends

Sammys smeared lipstick makes her mouth smile wide even in a frown, I did her make up, we I tried to but idk I get carried away really easily and sure enough I turned my head to some distraction will lipstick still pressed against her mouth my hand following my body movement scrawling a line across her cheek.

How do I look – Sammy asked.

I smiled a little confused oh right shit I was doing this, Jack comes in and puts her arms around my shoulders and leans on me looking at Sammys face.

Perfect! – jack says, with a straight face.

I was sitting on  sammys bed cross legged wearing one of her skirts, I like this one, with its many subtle colours blending into a nice flow of shapes, actually I like all of sammy’s clothes. And was happy that she let me borrow this skirt for tonight.

Sammy on the floor looking up at us with a smile on her face, larger than I have ever seen.

Jack leans over me reaching out to Sammy grabbing her by both shoulders and licking the side of her face, smearing her lipstick covered cheek.

Perfect! – Jack said.

We made our way out of the room and out of the house and into the back yard. The warm night air I could feel, the grass between my toes. I want this night to last forever. Live in the lie that the future will never come. I love wearing womans clothing, well I love it where I feel safe with close friends in their yard where I can be a little bit more myself.

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