a little more of a story I am writing.

Act 2: The winds have changed
Scene 1:  at the dinner table

I look around the office my papers strewn across the desk. Fuck I have been working hard on this project. My college comes in and says I have a meeting soon. The design process does take me some time and I love it. I wanted a job as a kid that was a little bit more creative than the average desk job. Idk I feel at ease when I can get into the zone and refine something and come up with ideas and solve little problems that people are faceing an work with them.

And yeah, so I threw my heart into this, went back to school when I was 25 and made it work. The only way I knew how to but pushing myself. I am a bit of a workaholic when I get into it. I find it hard to just be alone with my thoughts

Ashley, Ashley, meeting now – I hear my college say.

We are meant to impress some company and basically sell a broom that looks slightly better. It is all about the asthetics. Any broom does the same thing but idk sometimes a little tweek here and there makes things just look that much better. As style and fad, these things come  and go, but you can make a quick profit out of it if you just time it write. The meeting went smoothly I say over dinner to my two best friends.

We share a house together. With three wages, well that is practically what you need to do okay and buy a house. Our house is small, but it is ours and we have the best garden.

I love looking at the plants growing, a few big trees, but mostly veggies and herbs, the more we can eat from our backyard the better.

I look down at my plate and it is all from our garden. So very yummy. I can’t stand store brought food anymore it just doesn’t taste as yummy.

Scene 2:

I sit in the lounge room an an old leather couch that we picked up from out the front of a house years ago we fixed it up and gave it a little bit of a modern twist with the design.

Across the room Sammy is pulling papers out of boxes. She looks furious and annoyed as she rips each out of the box, reads it quickly and throws it over her shoulder.

I did not ask and just kept minding my business as I did not want to get involved. I have developed such a remarkable sense of patients over the years and now I feel as though I am able to just tune things out. I sit there calm as can be as Sammy is throwing papers about the room.

If there was anyone else seeing this they probably would be wondering why I am not helping, but I know Sammy and if she wanted help she would ask, and me on her back would only make things worse.

I go and make myself a cup of coffee and get back to my drawings, making notes here and there, reinevting the broom.

I have been at this game for so long and yeah at the start I felt like maybe it wasn’t for me, but the things that I learn and the creative expressions I can make in my designs is why I stick at it. Also it gives me lots of time to spend with my girls.

We said to each other, Sammy, Jack and I would get married all three of us if we were not married by the time we were 30 well here it is and we have eloped. I am not sure how official it is but it is our love we are all equal and yeah it is a thing that just kind of happened.

I spend a lot of time on my own, but I do enjoy their company and my heart sings every time that they are near.

Jack comes storming in, – what the fuck are you doing Sam? I have just cleaned this room. And i don’t feel like doing it again.

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