personal piece: happy diet

I feel very happy today my mind has begin to unfog this is something that has hauted me for a long time. where my mind clouds over and I am unable to think, take in information, get sluggish, embarrised and get depressed. It has effected me dearly and I wanted to find out why and hopefully put a stop to it so I can enjoy my mind, and push my mind body and soul to its full potential.

But what ales me? I feel like it is a combination of envirnment, diet and mindset. I spent more time riding my bike and spending my energy cycling. And recently I have cut back on sugars and am only eatting a very small plate for dinner as I feel that since I have not been sleeping I do not need that energy that I can’t burn off. This one is difficult because I like food and going to bed hungry is very uncomfortable…. however not sleeping and waking up feeling like shit is far worse.

I hope these changes will put me on a path where I can get ecitied by the things I love instead of dreading them beacause of feeling yuk.

Is there any changes that you have made? Was there something obvious that you should have done a long time ago?

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