bike ride to the party

I rode my bike to a restaurant by the river in the evening after university.

The sun still warm in my lungs, friends already there.

Sitting down people all around.

My thoughts still on the ride I had just ridden,

my pushbike following a trail.

People out walking there pets,

past an inner city farm.

After a delicious dinner we made our way to a launch party of a new tv channel.

The sun still there.

I don’t have to worry about parking or the traffic.

Travelling as fast as my legs can carry me.

We wait in line,

talk to the people and breath in the setting sun.

Beer is free and I had a slice of pizza or two.

It is a nice vibe here.

Before to long we are back on our bikes again.

Chrismas lights in my basket, riding our way home.

It is so peaceful and I really feel connected to the city when I ride.

I travel so far and feel so good when I get home.

The city is mine, my bike has given me independence like I have never felt before.

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