The wind in my hair and love in my heart.


Cycling more, driving less.

I have taken up the challenge to drive my car less, and so far it has been a invigorating and challenging experience. I live far from work and university. So to walk or cycle that distance would take some time and stamina. I have been making big leaps in that direction though also, how I feel, my mood, and my sence of the world. I am a very visual person so to see all of that lush flowing greenery, and rivers appeals to me.

Here are some figures of what car petrol impacts on the environment:

  • 1 litre petrol = 2.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide
  • And noise pollution

Every little bit counts. I have not handy caped myself or made life more difficult I feel more happy to not have to be in traffic, I feel more healthy and my piece of mind is more positive. It is spring time here in Melbourne so why not enjoy a little bit more time outside.

5 thoughts on “The wind in my hair and love in my heart.

  1. Here with me in Berlin, things are simpler. we can also take metro, bus or subway for going to work, school, university or just for leisure in the countryside. But more and more people are using the cycle now in town (also in combination with public traffic), especially the young one. The consciousness for ecological matters is quite high here in Germany, so in our household we only use green energy (solar, wind or water power) for very long time now, so this alone saves more than 1,100 kgs of carbondioxide each year according our energy provider. Good to know!


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