button up and fitting in

The town that I live in I always feel out of place, I am a wild heart and not much laughter goes on around here. Sometimes when I have been here for too long I try and fit in, but really I could never fit in as I am as strange to them as lizard skin.


I shower and wash away the dirt,

my crazy hair washed clean, my eyes dart in different directions as I step out of the shower,

I can see my scaly skin, many colours and wild hair,

my eyes darting in all different directions,

my nails very long, I shave, and put on deodorant,

My colourful dreamy rainbow clothing popped into the wash,

And I grab a basic shirt and pants, something that covers my insane body,

neatly dressed, and well presented for the crowd I will be in,

But this clothing bearly hides my wild eyes and hair, my nails and skin,

I am a reptile just trying to fit in.

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