don’t poke the bear

A bear fell asleep on my blanket,

what could i do,

I could not move the bear and the bear would not move,

I pulled, poked, prodded and made noises,

but yet I was not heard,

I grabbed a big stick and hit the big sleepy bear,

It woke up with a roar,

angry as can be, “why did you hit me with that stick?” the bear yelled,

I was scared, I did not mean any harm, I only wanted my blanket you were sleeping on,

how can I make this right I asked?

The bear did not care, but eventually calmed down and listed to my reasoning,

I will give you back your blanket as me falling asleep on it had unintentionally took away your blanket, and I will forgive you for hitting me with the stick as that was also unintentional.

So now lets call a truse and you be on your way,

I shook the bears paw and I was quickly on my way.

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