Starting a gym workout routines

This is a little piece about starting a gym workout routine. I am comfortable with my body. But would like to be more fitter for all the hiking trips I go on. As my excesses has been mostly walking, hiking or riding my bike. Making time for the gym will need to fit into my day without disrupting my other activities.


  • get fit for summer music festival
  • train cardio so that I can by the end of the year ride my bike the 16 km to and from uni comfortably
  • train for hiking trip in nepal 2017

The first few times I tried in the evening 40min bike cardio and 20 min weighted exercises, finished with planking.This worked well. And I was excited to keep it going.

One morning, I tried this routine. I got through it but was completely wiped out for the rest of the day.  Why was that? I was doing the same amount of exercise?

My understanding is that in the evening after my exercise routine I do not have any mentally demanding challenges. I just relax makes some tea and go to sleep. So I will continue exercising but only of an evening.

I am looking forward to the gym and my results.  Exciting times ahead!

Always smiling,



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