Scene 1: Obstacle

Jay was still a youth, but his imaginative mind always got the better of him. Fired for daydreaming at work. Yelled at by his dominate father, who did not like the idea that he still had to support a family. Jays three sisters had all left home, have steady jobs, go out on weekends with friends. But jay struggled to follow in there footsteps. As jay was the creative time, big ambitions, head full of ideas but unsure where to start.

After being fired from his most recent job as a fry cook, jay sat on a park bench not wanting to go home. Staring at the tops of the trees where the sky comes to meet them. Touching like fingertips in a pool of water. Elegant. And once again jay found his mind drifting, there is no diagnosis for dreamer, no pill to take, its just there and it happens. And is happening way to often for jay at the present momement.

A cold wind sweeps in and two dark figures walk past, jays eyes go back to the trees, when bang. He feels his face hurt as he is thrown backwards onto the park bench, held down with something cold and matalic pressed aganst his cheek. “Don’t move” bight white eyes say to him in the swarm of movement under two silhouettes of people. He could not see anything but bright eyes fixed on him.

Hands pat around his waste and find his wallet. Jay can feel it leave his possestion as the small lump of fabric, bank cards and cash are removed from his pocket. And then they were gone.

Alone, and shaken, jay lay there in the cold staring up at the unmoving sky, a thousand dead stars, gleming bright, unable to help him. The breeze blew strong and cold, shakingly jay sat up. Hands on knees. Hands blue with cold, and shaking with fear.

Jay walked the three blocks home, looking around, seeing that no one was following him. The cold air slowing him down as he ran. To his house, going around back and making his way into his room, into his bed, and just shivering there.


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