Vitamin brain

take a vitamin, eat a fruit,

I read somewhere that vegetables are good too,

foggy clouds clear away, I look up at the cloudless blue sky,

I soak in the warmth and breath in the bright endless blueness,

A cobination has brought me here,


good, to bad to worse,

heavy feelings, groggy curse,

I search and flip though pages for another remidy another cure,

zinc, potasium, B12, omega-3,

pumkin seed, flaxseed oil, oilve oil, water, mushrooms, bananas,

I take them all on, and wait for the fog to clear,

the clouds go, but the night sky is here,

the stars are ever so clear, amaziment,

fills my lungs, head falls onto soft pillow,

mind races, full alert, solving problems, digging up dirt,

nighty night, wild mind,

come think again someother time.

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