tiny paws knows how to live

small heartbeat dreams close to me,

tiny paws tucked under a sleeping dogs head,

He hides away from the world on my bed,

I will spend my day like him, and hide away from the world as well,

today I am happy

unaffected by everything outside my door,

I will open it when I am ready, full head of knowledge,

I give time to myself to sit and think, ponder and explore,

learning from books, walking in my garden, drinking wine in hot bath,

experience emotions and worlds beyond my own as I flip through pages of my favorite stories,

pirates, lovers, quests and madness,

I step outside, damp grass between my toes, take it in my stride,

long dress bouncing with me, flowers and leaves grace my fingertips,

step inside pour myself a glass of red, undress and sip, and a hot bath fills,

soak it in, eyes closed head filled with novel thoughts, natures coolness and the warmth of bathwater hugging my naked body


I can hear my phone ringing in the draw, people places and things to do, I can do it all later,

I am well loved, lots of hugs, and close friends with words of wisdom,

I dress slowly, shirt stockings, hair and brolly,

pull the door open and let love flow in.

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