my studio

This is my space, and I want to be happy, just a little,
I paint and draw here, outside I should be doing other things,
I do better work if I stick at it, little by little,
I knew I would want to stay here all day, so I came prepared,
I have fallen asleep in my studio the other night, I have done it before,
here I can never feel sad or lonely, those things wash of my skin,
I sit and think about all the possibilities, open mind, so exciting,
rainy, steamy day outside my open windows,
breath in the air, and smile to myself,
I focus on my art with an open heart.


This here is my space, my domain! I place for me a place where I can sit and just be. I want it all but most all I want to be happy, give me anything i’ll take it, just a little. When I sit in my space, my studio, I paint and draw. I think about the world outside but cast it off, nothing is more important to me then this here, right now.

Every image I draw, every paint tin I open, this is me, this is my time to explore, learn and practice hard. I feel better if I do it little by little. Refining, casting of all the wrong turns and dead ends. I know what to do as I have done it many times before. Little by little. I stand back and see yesterdays hard work, and achievement. I always feel sad and lonely here. It hurts really bad. I don’t know why. I am overwhelmed and I just want to cut it all down. Too much to sort though. It seems like a hopeless task sorting through all of the mess.

It is raining out side my window now. And I have bearly seen any daylight. Hidden away from it all.

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