apple eater

Once upon a grey but cheery morning I ate an apple,

oh my it was so very very tasty! I felt overwhelmed,

I then wanted to feast on another apple,

I gobbled it down quickly, as though I could not stop,

But now I had eaten both of my apples and felt sad,

sad because I was too full,

sad because it was giving me indigestion,

and now I had no more apples to be happy about,

I sat there in despair, what have I done!

how could I be so careless,

Seeing my despairing face a humanoid approached me,

pulling a shiny red apple from its bag and offering it to me,

I said thank-you but declined,

“I am to careless to posses apples!” I say

The humanoid went on with its day,

And I now sat there with a smile,

knowing that apples and I were not meant to be.

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