Melbourne social isolation

this post will take a look at my social isolation and the struggle I am having to find my place in melbourne. making a social outing without frioends is difficult as I feel as though I would not be accepted into the community, or that when I am there I would stand around akwardly unable to converse or connect. So long without happiness has made it diffucult to care about things.

This post should be seen in optermism as I attempt to make better of the sittuation.

attempt no. 1 sunday 1 may 2016

step 1. dress nicely

step 2. go outside

step 3. ask to help out with the garden


results: I was assigned the task of weeding the yard. It was simple and relaxing, even though I was alone for the majority of the time I did not mind. It reminded me of a job I had as a gardner. After about an hour I felt done with this task, the bin was full with weeds I had plucked from the soil. I swept, removed my gloves and reentered the house. Reentered with a sense of warm opternims. It was a small thing but I feel slightly better for doing it, well for the momment anyway.

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