In the mood to learn

That overpowering sadness I felt yesterday, rendering me unable to do any homework, and now I am happy and excited to be involeved in my studies?

Why are these feelings so overpowering?

What drives them?

How can I make them work in my favour?

How can I know when they are coming and going?


Even though I cannot prevent last minute homework excitement, doing a little each day can make it less dire! J

I am overwhelemed and interested in everything, could this have something to do with my squats and masturabing? Could it be limiting my social media time? Could it be going out to see comedy last night and being social? Could it be that I feel refreshed?

Or is it just that I have wild mood swings that can last days….

4 thoughts on “In the mood to learn

  1. Are you in school? I find when I’m reading a lot for school I have to read for pleasure TOO or I feel overwhelmed


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