connection to the land

The land flooded with red dusty dirt,

we are hugging the coast,

got a text from you, your a mess,

a guy you like is being mean,

even though you let him in your bed,

connection to the land muddled in our little lives.


I breath in the waterfall and shiver as the sun rises over the hill,

the flowing rivers and the valley that remains still,

the subtle colours, shift to stark contrast,

animals staring back at me,

another text, crying in a hot bath,

I would give you a hug,

but love from me is old love.


the land is still there, but the connection is lost.



stepping stones

unlocking the subconscious,

complex task breaking down barriers in out minds,

madness I seek you, to organize my sanity,

two steps backwards, fall into the unknown,

learning from the past, seeing the future clearly

spit on my lip

big lips,

morning pasta,

both the aftermath of a bra-less night,

warm thighs, a brief insight,

I want the attention,

to feed my new dimension,

taste a finger in my mouth,

and feel everything south,

this little abode, where good love hit the highest note.


beneath that op shop skirt,

I have font memories dripping in my mind,

I have been here before, seems so familiar, feels like the first time,

sounds of sucking, quiet in our tent,

prop you up against a tree,

to love out here is to feel the thrill of love.

Where two rivers meet

We are made mostly of water,

and move and flow like a river on our own path

It is exciting to see when two rivers meet

They may continue on their own path,

but for a moment they cross paths. 🙂

Deja vu and past lives

Went to a town where I knew only one person who moved there, very far from where I live. At a bar I met many faces. From very different places, could not help feeling I knew them. The feeling was mutal, but our lives have not crossed in the past in everything we listed.
So I embraced the group for a few days, partying, playing music, body paint. I don’t know in which past life I have meet them, but now the memories are current. 🙂

moving quickly

why do I feel like I need to constantly make new friends,

when I have barely started with the old,

and have not spent time with myself,

moving along all so quickly, I don’t love anyone,

after the first date.