guitar never got me far



strumming notes on my guitar, I hear the earth calling me,

stumble and falling on me, I want my to feel my feet in the sand,

away from the busy sweat, and terror threat,

guitar never got me far, oh ah oooooh far,


first day back at school, and  I got hit by a car,

oh how I wish I could just call the quits and let it end,

my mind fried and blank, I didn’t get far,

I feel it all calling me, the nutured trees, is where I will be,

come find me, I won’t wait, I want to breath in that humid fresh air,

my mind on repeat, I can hear my slow heart beat,


do it my way, why would I follow,

love to swallow, taste the freshness in you,

hydrated, blood cells migrated,




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