food pilgramage

I finished school but my day was not done,

I sat in the park and enjoyed some sun,

I got ecitied about going on an adventure,

changing my shoes, two pairs of socks,

message friends to say fairwell for the evening,

when I walk, follow a line in my thoughts and don’t like to talk,

Things have not changed much it has only been a day,

but what happens around the city, rivers and hills amazes me,

as I climb steep hills I see the sun sink, purple, baby blue and pink,

vegitarian pizza for me, I have gone off meat, personal choice I can choose what I eat,

well fed, my body hot sweats beneath my dress,

cool wind on my thighs, tanalise,

I am heading home, my mind races fast,

A very long walk, on a journey to heal my heart.


2 thoughts on “food pilgramage

    • I am thinking of going vegetarian.I rarely eat meat so the only real change would be when I go out with friends. I think I’m more excited about opening up new options of food for myself. what are your thoughts?


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