Hyper sensation, absorption and cataclysmic reaction. Conscious annihilation, re-visitation and self alienation. A fraction of dissatisfaction and loads of procrastination. To little traction to break mental flagellation, suffer implication. Medication. Lacking stimulation in the situation of intellectual masterbation, no one waits at the station with elation. Awareness of circulation creates emotional mastication. Self medication. Dissipation.

January 4 2016

Positive composition, enormous transition. Compassion, cohesion, no lesion. Clear comprehension of the destination. What elevation. Moved away from stagnation; irruption, expansion…levitation! Precision of execution, annihilation of dissolution. Relieved of sedation. Self exploration, no limitation! Oh positive connotation, altered internal narration.

Jan 8

Wave. The wave of life, the wave of emotion. Building, surging, peaking, breaking, crashing, dispersing, nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Building again. Continuous rhythm. Heartbeat of the sea. Wave hello. Wave goodbye. Wave of life. It’s hard to see at the peak as you break and crash that soon you will reform. But it always happens. Again and again.

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